No doubt, Live Cricket Streaming is of a great importance in media field and gives a lot of advantages at the time. But not to forget, it also has many disadvantages and harms for its users. As no technology is out of any disadvantages or harms, so is the live streaming. The most harmful disadvantage of Live Cricket Streaming is that it allows many viruses to enter your system and then makes is a diseased system. There are different streaming websites with different types of viruses. Websites like Youtube sends such types of viruses which feds pornographic viruses in your system. Moreover, these kinds of websites has Trojans, you have to be aware of it. The videos itself may not be as harmful as Trojan. 

2ndly your PC IP address may be tracked by streaming. And the possibilities of system hacking becomes high. Sometimes it also depends on your internet speed, with low speed you can not enjoy any streaming video fully, you need to have a high speed internet for this purpose. Later, when your internet connection fails, your video does not resume to its left over point, but you have to refresh it and start it again or refresh 

your internet.

Perhaps streaming video’s biggest disadvantage is that you have to be connected to the Internet in order to watch. This is less of a problem for watchers with cable modems or DSL, which can be connected all the time without accumulating hourly charges or tying up a phone line. People who rely on modems to dial up may find it a little less convenient, although several products that can record streaming audio to be played back later (without requiring a network connection) may help. 

Yet now, there were not programs that can allow you to download streaming videos but now there has come many software that allow you to save the videos and then watch later anytime. 

Giving the facility of live cricket Streaming has many other problems for those who provide it on different websites. Expensive camera equipment and high-end computer equipment are needed to transmit the feed. In addition, securing enough bandwidth to support a live broadcast typically requires the services of an Internet service provider (ISP). While potentially less expensive than managing the entire process in-house, the costs for bandwidth usage can still run high.

So as it has many advantages, disadvantages are also there as mentioned above. Still we can not judge this technology totally harmful for us. It is a great dynamite in the world of technology indeed.

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